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Ekklesia Group

Ekklesia Groups


There’s power in community! Father always intended us to learn and grow together – not passive listening and gaining knowledge, without interaction. Ultimate Impact groups gives you the opportunity to come together with people in neighborhood across the globe through Zoom to experience the power of “family doing kingdom business.”

Spend time together exploring the mysteries of God with practical application for your life. Expand your current understanding. Encounter the heavenly realms together and receive commissions to bring into the earth – this is what Ekklesia groups are all about! The Ekklesia is meant to be the governing body on earth. If we don’t like what we see around us, it is our responsibility to bring the change that all creation is longing for. Find your place in the body through an Ekklesia group.

Online Course


Using the Ultimate Impact Course as our foundation, our groups thrive and grow, personally and corporately, as we learn together through conversation, relationship, and encounters together in the heavenly realm. You watch and interact with the course during the week on your own and then meet regularly with your group to process what you are learning and then to engage with God. We are so excited to see the shifts Father brings as we enter in and see what He is doing and bring it into the earth!

Welcome to Kingdom Talks Media where you will find a variety of leaders and teachers from around the world who are setting people free to see in the Spirit and experience heaven in a real way.

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