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International Leadership Outreach

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What We Do

Providing humanitarian aid in a world torn apart by confidence placed in externally fabricated systems can often provoke exploitation of the very people it is intended to help. What if the common thread of heart centered, servant leadership, could serve to empower community based, entrepreneurial projects; linking them internationally? ILO envisions the networking of a strategic, sustainable system of commerce and provision, cultivating an atmosphere of courage, engaging tools and skills for internal strength, producing outward success.

We all have dreams and desires for creating or expanding projects aligned with our life purpose. ILO is fashioned with the primary goal of supporting you, through the life altering experience of traveling abroad, collaborating with native and local leadership in faith based activities, to create your own project matching your dream in and for your own community.

ILO works with company leaders, faith-based ministry teams, and families to invigorate life itself.

In the Spanish language, ILO (ee-lo) means thread.

ILO connects the common thread of heart centered servant leadership globally

Fundraiser is now through December 1st!

Please email Jean Bons with any questions & to arrange purchases or bids of the fundraising offerings below.

Dinah Rau

Prophetic Artist
She is creating a painting of a Hannukiah (the 28th is the beginning of Hannukah in the evening) with the seven continents as seven flames and the eighth representing the Kingdom of God. The middle candle is the Shamish, the servant candle that lights all the other candles, the Eternal flame, which will be lighting the continent of Africa. She will use a style of painting called encaustic that uses fire in the process to create this painting. The price typically starts at $500. We will sell it to the highest bidder during the course of the fundraiser.

Lyn Joyfull

Jewelry Artist
20% of all jewelry purchased from Lyn on the 28th will be donated to the Africa fundraiser. All of Lyn’s jewelry comes with a personal prophetic word that relates to your identity in the Lord. These prophetic words are incredibly comforting and have borne witness in all of their recipients to the truth of their idenity. The piece of jewelry contains the resonance, vibration, and energy of the personal word and serves as a reminder of who we are.

Tricia Calvert

She has gifted us with glass pendants. All proceeds will go to the fundraiser. Donations start at $60 each.


Jewelry Artist
SOLD! — Wilma has given a tree of life bracelet that can be sold for a donation. Suggested price: $30. 100% will go to the Africa fundraiser.

Jean Bons

10% of all sales will be donated towards the fundraiser.

Guillermo Padilla

Isagenix Collagen Elixer
Guillermo has donated collagen elixir from Isagenix. 100% will be donated towards the fundraiser.

Del Hungerford

Musical Artist
Del creates personal songs for $75 each. She is donating $10 from each order. A personal song is meant to bring healing, comfort, joy and peace as you listen.

Fundraiser Sponsorship

An opportunity for people to sign up and contribute an amount of their choice per minute (there are 240 minutes in the four hour fundraiser). Suggested amount is $1.00 per minute. You could also choose to contribute to one, two, or three hours.

Kenya Immersion Trip

December 21, 2021 through January 6, 2022

You’re invited to join Gil Hodges, Jean Bons, and others on a life-changing Immersion trip to Kenya!

Tired of the burden of a vision so big that it seems impossible to implement? Join a team of visionaries in a cross-cultural immersion trip to Kenya designed to help you create your vision. International Leadership Outreach was created to support you through the experience of a lifetime that will transform you into an authentic visionary capable of creating the culture you desire in your own community. We need you and your vision for your corner of the world. Support or join the ILO team traveling to Kenya December 21, 2021 to January 6, 2022.

Safe accommodations within private homes of the natives in the local communities yield the rare opportunity of being in tune with the heartbeat of Kenyan culture.

For more details, please email Jean Bons.

Our Big Vision

— What's Your Vision?

Specific Focus Areas:

  • Life Purpose Discovery
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Dismantling Myths
  • Identify Clarification
  • Inter-personal Skills
  • Intra-personal Skills
  • Team Building
  • Volunteerism
  • Communication

Why Participate with ILO?

  • Engage in personal and professional development tailored to suit your unique needs, including:
    • Required Courses
    • Private Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • Book Reading
  • Expand the abilities and capacities of community leaders
  • Support for the transition of project from dream to reality
  • Grow horizons beyond birth culture
  • Understand the perspective of global believers’ daily life
  • Learn how to function in harmony
  • Experience the profound love and acceptance of a native culture
  • Develop fundraising skills
  • Scholarships available for qualified candidates

Meet Our Team

Jean Bons

President of ILO, Jean has traveled to Kenya multiple times. She brings her understanding of both intra- and inter- personal development, key components for optimal success as a Kingdom leader.

Elaina Joye

Vice President of ILO, Elaina is a Singer/Song writer with 11 years missionary experience and a heart of passion for service in building Kingdom leaders.

Open Position

Currently accepting applications for Secretary. To inquire, please contact Jean Bons.

Open Position

Currently accepting applications for Treasurer. To inquire, please contact Jean Bons.

Why Donate To ILO?

  1. Be a part of the evolution to likeminded community leadership
  2. Invest in the sustainable transition from government programs to community based projects anchored in step by step evolution of success
  3. Witness the tangible results of investing in your own community
  4. Observe the global impact of micro and macro projects
  5. Receive tax relief for business owners

Kingdom Equipping Center is sponsoring the fundraising of International Leadership Outreach’s Kenya Immersion Trip. KEC is a registered 501c3.

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