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Blood of Jesus Prayer 2.0

God is beyond our understanding. So, using language that calls out the Blood of Jesus to operate in every possible realm and every possible dimension of our existence that He is in will allow Him to do work in areas of our existence that we are not even aware of at this time. We know that we are a new creation in Him. Therefore, our new existence in Him is beyond our comprehension and needs the blood of Jesus applied in every fiber of that existence, even in the areas we do not understand. Just as iniquity in our bloodline effects our existence now, so also does our existence in other realms that we do not understand. We barely understand our own existence in the natural. Our spiritual existence is an even greater mystery. So, by faith we trust Jesus and the power of His Blood.
I have prayed a great deal to break off pathways in my own thought patterns and vain imagination that I experience in the natural. However, because they seem to keep coming back I needed something more. God downloaded this prayer for me to use. As I began to pray this prayer I experienced, not just a release, but a full elimination of the thought and thought pattern, even the record in my DNA. The vain images and thoughts of my imagination were gone, washed away in the blood of Jesus forever. Those thoughts do not exist anywhere in all of creation after the Blood of Jesus washes them away. This MUST be ACCEPTED BY FAITH and it will be done.

Here is the prayer:

Blood of Jesus, wash and eliminate from every fiber of my existence in every dimension and time the neuron patterns, pathways, thoughts and the DNA record of my mind, imagination/spirit that led up to this memory/temptation/imagination. Destroy and eliminate from every fiber of my existence this pathway and or record in my DNA and everything that has led up to it, everything in between from the beginning to the end of this pathway, the end of the pathway and every thought and imagination that goes from it.
Blood of Jesus, wash, eliminate, and destroy this thought and imagination pattern and pathway from every fiber of my existence in every and all dimensions and times. In Jesus’ name, amen.