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Kingdom Talks Team

Kingdom Talks Team


Gil Hodges


Leader, Teacher, Speaker 

       Gil Hodges is a Sky Walker, engaging in the Heavens to see what Father is doing and  cooperating with Him to bring His will in the Earth. We ARE His government (Ekklesia) on the Earth.
       Gil loves to teach and share how to engage and open up your TRUE identity in Christ so you can have the ultimate impact Father intends for you to have.  Having been a victim of past and current circumstances Gil learned to engage the Heavens to reveal his real identity and work toward his true potential as a Son of the Father.
       Gil has been in ministry since 1989 in some form or another. He received his Master’s in Divinity in 1996 and pastored for several years in the Seventh Day Adventist church before Father began shifting him out of religious structures and into full freedom in HIM. He spent 17 years in business, pretty much a serial entrepreneur having started 15 businesses and 5 corporations in that 17 years.  Later Gil entered marketplace ministry and started Christian Business Intersection for Christian business leaders in 2013 and began sharing Heavenly perspectives of learning to rest your way through work.
       Gil’s heart is for unity and the value of all people to be restored to their full potential for ultimate impact in the cosmos, hence the return to a full-time focus on sharing what Father is doing to improve lives worldwide.  He and his wife, Adena, have been following after what Father is doing, and it has led them to this place in time and space where Gil is leader and president of Kingdom Equipping Center. He also teaches and speaks for Kingdom Equipping Center and Kingdom Talks Media, including hosting the Kingdom Talks Show, where he engages with a variety of kingdom voices.
       Gil enjoys most seeing people set free from religious confines and showing them how to walk in the fullness of LOVE which begins to open them up to who they truly are in God. 

Adena Hodges


Leader, Teacher, Speaker

Adena Hodges is passionate to see people transformed and walking out their blueprint scroll. She is wife to Gil and mom to 3 adult children. She loves to teach, write and facilitate group encounters with God. With Gil, she co-founded Kingdom Equipping Center, Meditate on Me, Ultimate Impact and is launching a new school called Transformations – Becoming Who You Are. With a compassionate heart, wisdom and practicality she inspires others to walk out their transformed life.

Mindy Upton


Executive Administrator

Mindy Upton brings order to chaos. As executive administrator, she spins many plates for Kingdom Talks Media. She joined the team in 2020 and is passionate about taking KTM to the next level. When she’s not creating systems, living in her email inbox, and tackling a plethora of miscellaneous projects, she finds joy in collecting crystals, stargazing, exploring nature, drawing house plans for heavenly homes, and making people laugh.

She also single-handedly runs a party game design business called Wild Truth Design Co, which allows her to combine two of her favorite past times: games + graphic design.

Mindy, Eric, and their two house rabbits are transplants to Colorado Springs, and they are so grateful to have found a home among the Kingdom Talks and Kingdom Equipping Center family.

Eric Upton


Tech Director

Eric Upton is our tech genius. Affectionately called “Mr. Google” by his wife Mindy, he never ceases to amaze us with his brilliance and incredible knowledge of, well, too many things to mention here. Eric joined the Kingdom Talks team in 2021 after assisting with the production of the Kingdom Restoration Age Conference. He operates and maintains all of our equipment and runs all the gadgets to stream the Kingdom Equipping Center’s Sunday gatherings online.

Eric is a deep thinker and avid learner who enjoys helping others and engineering solutions to complex problems. When he’s not working his tech magic, Eric spends his time creating music, experimenting with sound design, and contemplating deep issues that would not enter most of our minds.

Eric is a metaphysically intuitive mystic who is excited to use his gifts to bring restoration to all things. He and his wife Mindy are thrilled to have been led by Yahweh to connect with Kingdom Talks Media, and they are excited to see what unfolds in coming years.

Karen Britt


Social Media Graphics & Content Creator

Karen Britt specializes in crafting social media graphics and content for Kingdom Talks Media. She began in 2019 after answering Gil Hodges’ call for someone to become a partner in their vision for Kingdom Talks Media.

Since she began, she’s met so many incredible people within the Kingdom Talks network, including our show’s many awesome guests. She considers this a blessing and honor. Karen especially wants to thank Gil and Adena for this opportunity.

She is a vocalist and songwriter for The Elastic Army Band and Shows host for The Elastic Army Band – Live Talk.

Nicholas Sargent


Video & Film Magic

Nicholas Sargent was first introduced to the idea of “journeying in the spirit“ with Christopher Carter in 2013. Since then, and before that time, he has experienced: charismatic, Presbyterian, messianic, house church, Calvary Chapel, and though sometimes feeling confused about it all, enjoys the journey of learning. With a return to the more metaphysical, since 2020, and connecting with Kingdom Talks Media, Nicholas is also currently interested in learning from the broader new age community and understanding where his Christianity fits in that context.

Nicholas started making videos for Kingdom Talks Media in 2020, and continues to assist with promos, post-editing, explainer videos, and audiovisual summarizations.

Lisa Perez Benitez


Show Notes

Lisa Perez-Benitez is a passionate pursuer of Father’s ever-unraveling heart, and she’s on an eternal journey to experience the limitless dimensions of His love. She is a keen amateur astronomer who is currently learning to “star walk” the cosmos with Yeshua. Lisa has a background in healing and prophetic worship/dance ministries. Her focus has always been to partner with Father to see people liberated from bondage, addictions and traumas so that they can truly find freedom and full Sonship in Him.

Lisa grew up in rural Dorset, England, surrounded by New Age belief systems and was delighted to discover that there is a “righteous real” within these things! In this Next Age, she senses Father’s call to the cosmos and to “Cities of Refuge” as part of the “Restoration of All Things.” Lisa also values being a member of the global Ekklesia – united as one, and with the One.

As a writer, Lisa is a published author of sci-fi, a scribe and a parabolist. She has written award-winning screenplays, including “Stolen” – a short film based on human trafficking in London, as well as “The Enemy Exchange” – a love story set against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

She is honored to write show notes for the Kingdom Talks Show & Kingdom Equipping Center Sunday Gatherings. Her aim in this role is to contribute to what Father is doing through Kingdom Talk Media’s mandate to “expand, encounter and activate our true self as we engage the heavenly realms [together].”

Mick Tulk’s


Show Notes

Michael (Mick) Tulk’s childhood Roman Catholic influences were mixed, and later as a teenager, he became involved in the unholy trinity of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, leading to a heroin addiction. Miraculously cured and hearing a call from Jesus, Mick was immediately exposed to many doctrines, which, he’s now happy to say he’s abandoned.

Mick is most grateful to Mike Parsons for helping him to discover the truth that there has never been a separation between God and Man- only in Man’s mind. Nowadays, he has the honour to write the show notes for the Kingdom Talks Show and the Sunday Gathering. Since beginning this position in 2021, he’s not regretted a single day. And with Father leading, he fully expects a glorious outcome of his partnership with the Kingdom Talks Media team.

Precious Promise Adekunjo


Website Developer and Podcast Manager

Precious Promise Adekunjo joined the Kingdom Talks team in 2020 and assists with web development, among other miscellaneous duties. He helped convert our show recordings into audio and launched the Kingdom Talks Podcast and Kingdom Talks Radio.

Precious loves God and presently serves in his church as the Media Team Leader. He is cheerful and playful, and he always wants to make sure that everything put in his care becomes productive within the stipulated time frame.

Precious has his own podcast called Impact Maker, a podcast focused on helping people discover their true purpose while making an impact in their own special ways.

Muriel Weidemann


KT Show Scheduler, Manager of Live Broadcasts

Muriel Weidemann desires to breathe grace and go after the “more” which God promises. As a wife, mother, and retired elementary school teacher, she has a heart for healing as well as developing a deeper relationship with God in this new era.

Muriel is a volunteer moderator for the Kingdom Talks Show broadcasts. And she also assists with show scheduling.

Welcome to Kingdom Talks Media where you will find a variety of leaders and teachers from around the world who are setting people free to see in the Spirit and experience heaven in a real way.

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