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Breath Work Meditations


Transform Spirit, Soul and Body through the power of Breathing. These meditation breathing exercises include foundations, declarations, engaging with your family, forgiveness and more!

Spiritual Healing


In our fast-paced world, staying focused on God can be challenging. Many things distract us and keep us too busy. Meditate on Me provides an easy format for you to get into the habit of consistent meditation. This will bring healing to your spirit, soul and body! We offer a variety of formats from passages of Scripture, names of God, to topics such as Sleep, Stress, Weight Loss, Forgiveness, Relationships and much more!

How it Works


With¬†Mediate on Me‘s Guided Christian Meditation, you simply press “play” and follow the instructions for a relaxing, rejuvenating time with God. You can repeat sessions or series as often as desired to strengthen new habits in your life. Meditate on Me provides guidance and silence, giving both structure and freedom to grow in spirit, soul and body. Follow it up with recommended journaling to add even more to your experience with God! Each day in the series adds to the previous day, building a foundation for intimacy with God and a transformed life!

Meditate on Me is a FREE bonus if you sign up for Ultimate Impact online course! Also, available as an app on android phones.

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