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Join an exciting online community where you can share your thoughts, questions or opinions!  Add photos or share your favorite teachings.  If you are a Behind the Scenes Partner, you will find your shows under groups in KT Communities.  



This is also the platform where you will find our courses and groups! It is a separate platform from the website, but you can easily navigate between the two. Some groups are for anyone to join, others are closed groups for those who are in the Ultimate Impact or other Ekklesia groups. Some of them meet once a week or month on Zoom, others are simply forums to share ideas or ask questions. Feel free to explore the open groups or suggest a topic and help us form a group! Be empowered to develop community!

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When you make an account on KT Communities, be sure to include your location (city/state). Then you can click on “members” in the left hand column and then click on “near me” at the top of the page. This will show those who are close geographically to you on KT Communities! Who knows? You might find your new best friend is just around the corner!

Please honor everyone here by not spamming this site or posting inappropriate material. If you have a business you’d like to promote, first talk with us. We don’t want this to become a free-for-all sales page, but we do love to help people launch in their God-given talents.

    Welcome to Kingdom Talks Media where you will find a variety of leaders and teachers from around the world who are setting people free to see in the Spirit and experience heaven in a real way.

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