3 Plumb Lines Pledge

Calling 100,000 Believers to Unite with Us

Our mission is to reach 100,000 believers to unite together by taking the 3 Plumb Lines Pledge.

Never in our history has there been a greater urgency to lay down man-made differences and come together around God’s core tenants of our faith.  We are calling for the rise of the One New Man.

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3 Plumb Lines

1. The Cross of Yeshua

If you believe Yeshua, the one and only son of God–who is true God and true man, is the only way to the Father and to eternal life, then we are on the same path.

2. Love, Honor & Respect

Love is priority one.  Outdo one another in honor, and respect one another’s beliefs.

3. Ask the Father

It’s more important that you have a relationship with the Father (and Yeshua & Holy Spirit) than for anyone to tell you what to believe.  If a question arises, go directly to the Father.

I will test you with the measuring line of justice
and the plumb line of righteousness…

~ Isaiah 28:17

Do not despise these small beginnings,
for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,
to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.

~ Zechariah 4:10