21 Day Imagination Booster – Christopher Carter


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Did you know that the Biblical phrase “eyes of your heart” refers to your God-given, sanctified imagination?

Perhaps you’ve been getting to know this Next Age everyone is talking about, and you’re hungry for greater meaning and depth to your encounters in the heavenly realms. Or maybe you’d like to strengthen your communication with God, the angelic hosts, and the cloud of witnesses.

This online class is like a gym that will help you to exercise, develop, and strengthen the “muscle” of the eyes of your heart (Ephesians 1:18).

As you practice day by day, you will grow in intimacy with Yahweh. And you’ll explore the beauty of the garden of His heart, His throne room, realms of light, the cosmos, and wherever else Holy Spirit leads you through the power of your imagination.

Let the adventures begin! Dive into this exciting 21 Day Imagination Booster with Christopher Paul Carter today.

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