22 & You: Mystical Hebrew Alphabet Immersion




22 & You – Mystical Hebrew Alphabet Immersion Class

12 week Zoom Class — 2 hours per week — Friday evenings (6-8 pm Pacific) Mar. 25 – Jun 10, 2022

This class will be an immersive group exploration which depends upon active participation of all students, their consistent attendance and willingness to engage in the heavenly realms as we let YHVH, Yeshua and Ruach HaKodesh lead us.

Each week’s session will include:

  • Learning the Hebrew letters and their sounds (2-3 letters each week)
  • Learning how to write the Hebrew letters in block form
  • Learning the numeric value and pictorial meaning of each letter
  • Exploring the mystical expression and meanings of each letter
  • Engaging the Living Letters in a group ascension
  • Creating artistic expressions of each letter as a meditation (using any art form — including, but not limited to: poetry, painting, digital art, music, dance, or math, etc.)
  • Learning a Hebrew Word of the week

The class also requires participants to:

  • Purchase the book Friends of Eber (second edition) $15 USD on Amazon. (Please purchase this before the class starts.)
  • Be able to regularly access the website – Hebrew4Christians.com
  • Supply their own Art materials for their weekly creative expression.

Additional optional resources are:

Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew Revised Edition Simon & Anderson

Hebrew Word Pictures by Frank Seekings (Living Word Pictures, 1994)

Miracles Are Normal by Virginia Killingsworth

Robin Main – Hebrew Living Letters Flashcards

Tuition for this class is $60 USD per person

An attempt will be made to record all the zoom meetings so that they can be made available for participants in the event that they have to miss a live class session.

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