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Discover the majestic beings known as Archangels… and the realms they inhabit!

This course is is an invitation to interact and converse with Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel – the archangels that are before the throne of Yahweh.

  • What are they like?
  • What are their roles?
  • How can we move into a greater partnership with them in the Restoration of All Things?
  • Are there specific archangels assigned to your destiny scroll?

Beginning in the book of Daniel, and journeying through apocryphal texts including the Book of Enoch, Christopher Carter answers these questions and much more.

His down-to-Earth and interactive teaching style demystifies this topic and makes it a delight to engage in. At the end of each session, Christopher uses his wealth of personal experience to guide you into your own encounters with these High Princes of heaven.

In each class, Christopher Paul Carter teaches you about the angelic world, how to interact with angels, and how to engage the Archangels around God’s throne. Each 1.5 hour class includes teaching and heavenly visits with each of the 4 Archangels. There are 4 main classes and 1 bonus class in this online adventure!

About Christopher Carter

Christopher Paul Carter is an author, teacher, transitionary, & heavenly tour guide. He is passionate about helping people navigate the Cosmic Shift we find ourselves in right now. Christopher’s aim in everything he does is to help you remember who you really are: created in God’s image and alive for such a time as this.

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