Ascension Sound Bath – Steve Hampton


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Ascension Sound Bath

As you enter in to the Ascension Sound Bath, its transforming frequencies become a spiritual portal lifting you into the heavenly realm. Higher and deeper, transporting you into the eternal now of Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey.

Going deeper still, this cascading waterfall of frequencies opens up your spiritual gateways to sounds of Truth, sounds of Wisdom, and those other precious exchanges that can only take place between Father and His child.

Find yourself on a deeper level, your body, soul, and spirit resonating with the transformational frequencies of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Steve Hampton is an intimate lover of Yahweh, with a heart for worship like King David. Steve found his passion in music and started playing when he was 12 years old; because he loves to help other people in deep and lasting ways, Steve now focuses on therapeutic music.

An expert at creating sublime music from wind chimes and crystal bowls, Steve’s music releases profound Throne-room frequencies, pulsating forth from the depths of Father’s heart.

Enjoy the heavenly frequencies of crystal bowls and chimes, courtesy of anointed musician Steve Hampton!

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