Breathing Transformations – Breath Work Activations

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A series of guided breathing techniques with a holistic approach that transforms body, soul, and spirit.

What happens in your body, soul, and spirit affects your breathing. In the Breathing Transformations series, Adena Hodges walks you through simple yet powerful breath work techniques that bring every part of you back into alignment with God’s perfect design.

So, what is your motivation? Are you doing this for relaxation, to lower blood pressure, heal damaged emotions, feel better in your body, or to connect with God?

As you set your intention and engage from your place of connection with our heavenly Father, you can zone in on the specific areas where you would like to see a change. Dedicating just a few minutes daily to these exercises will energize you, empower you to get the most out of your day, and radically impact every area of your life – spirt, soul, & body.

In this monthly subscription, you’ll get access to a growing list of breath work activations, including:
  • Breathing Foundations
  • Breathing Declarations
  • Forgiveness
  • Breathing Connections
  • more coming soon!

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