Cosmic Clock Teaching – Christopher Carter


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If you have ever looked up at the night sky, then you’ve seen the constellations of the Cosmic Clock.

It’s known as the Mazzaroth in the book of Job and as the Zodiac in our modern times.

So how can we become like the sons of Issachar and interpret these “signs in the heavens” through a biblical lens?

Our story has been written in the night sky since the beginning. But what does it tell us about ourselves, God’s plan for humanity, and the transitional era we live in? Christopher Paul Carter takes us on an exciting and in-depth tour around the solar system to show us how to read the Cosmic Clock and reclaim its true meaning.

These and other mysteries are unraveled in an engaging and interactive series of six teaching sessions. Fasten your seat belts, time travelers. It’s going to be a fantastic journey!

Rediscover the true meaning of the Zodiac today!

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