Divine Dance Echad Video – Kerah Riel




Engage this Divine Dance Echad with your entire being to calibrate to the frequencies of Yahweh. May every cell in your body resonate as you step into the divine dance!

This is a 4 minute immersive meditation music video performed by Kerah Riel. It’s designed to help you engage with the frequencies of Yahweh as you join him in the divine dance.

“This began as a frequency of invitation from Yahweh… Burning from the frequency of invitation, and receiving it fully in her heart, allowing it to calibrate and resonate within my entire being for days, the night then came and Yahweh took me to experience the divine dance in ways I never had encountered before. – Kerah Riel

You’ll be able to stream the video through our KT Community platform. It’s free to join!

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About Kerah Riel

Kerah Riel is first and foremost a lover of Yeshua. She desires nothing more than to experience Echad with YHVH, in divine entanglement with the Ruach HaKodesh. Her greatest call is to be a craftsman of sound in this hour, releasing the frequencies of Zion and creating a space for Yahweh to be known.

Kerah longs to see the body experience freedom and become untangled from the trappings that hold the body from experiencing the higher, deeper, wider of the Father. Kerah partners with His heart to see heaven overshadow, brood, and create what no eye has seen nor any ear heard, and for heaven to come to the earth realm and be made manifest in and through us.

Kerah’s Website: craftsmenonetwentyglobal.com

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