Faces Of The Deep (Frequency Invitation) – Kerah Riel




“YOU are the faces of His deep.”

“Faces of the Deep” is an 8-minute, immersive meditation music video (frequency invitation) performed by Kerah Riel.

Engage this video with your entire being to calibrate to the frequencies of Yahweh. May every cell in your body resonate as you engage His deep!

The Story Behind This Frequency Invitation

Yahweh hovered over the face of the deep, the waters, the womb, the place of His divine desire and His deepest pleasure. He hovered over the face, the image, the reflection of Himself, the energy and flow of the divine nature. Yahweh, Yeshua, Ruach HaKodesh danced and entangled, hovered and brooded, calibrating and resonating over the desire and pleasure of the reflection of their image, the face of the deep.

But did you know that you are actually the face of the deep? Faces of the deep, rather, since nothing is one-dimensional within the limitless realms of Yahweh. You are the light beings whom He carried in His deep before the foundations of the earth were laid. His womb of desire and pleasure calibrated us and knew us before our mother‘s wombs here in the Earth-realm.

You and I are the faces of the deep, the reflection of His image. We bear within our innermost being the frequencies of Yahweh’s greatest desires and pleasures; we reflect the image of His greatest love. He created and formed by the work of His hands everything in the entire universe―multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, absolutely beyond what words could ever fully capture to describe its magnificence―yet we, the sons, are His greatest reflection.

So why not title this work Hands? Because Yahweh didn’t create us merely with His hands: He took His face and breathed upon ours. His face upon our face was His greatest creation of intimate pleasure. The entire cosmos watched Him put the deep of His face upon the deep of ours, establishing His first love and an eternal covenant.

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About Kerah Riel

Kerah Riel is first and foremost a lover of Yeshua. She desires nothing more than to experience Echad with YHVH, in divine entanglement with the Ruach HaKodesh. Her greatest call is to be a craftsman of sound in this hour, releasing the frequencies of Zion and creating a space for Yahweh to be known.

Kerah longs to see the Body of Yeshua experience freedom and become untangled from the trappings that hold it down from experiencing the higher, deeper, and wider of the Father. Kerah partners with Yahweh’s heart to see Heaven overshadow, brood, and create what no eye has seen nor any ear heard, and for heaven to come to the Earth-realm and be made manifest in and through us.

Kerah’s Website: craftsmenonetwentyglobal.com

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