Gil and Adena Hodges

In nearly 30 years of ministry, they have sought to understand God’s calling on all God’s people, not just those in pulpit or missionary ministry, but to those who operate in the 7 mind-molders of most societies including; family, business, government, education, media, and art and entertainment, as well as religion.

Gil and Adena believe that every believer has a vital role in the body of Christ and His Ekklesia.  Even the smallest part is needed in order for The Father to have His full “Ultimate Impact” in a region.

Their mandate has been to train and equip Kingdom believers for the “Ultimate Impact.” God has called every believer to take their place in His body. 

However, the enemy has created a matrix of lies to deceive those who are called to keep them from stepping into their place in the Ekklesia. Through their experience, Gil and Adena bring practical ways to break off those lies.

Identity and destiny are clarified for those who are called, so that they can operate in their true power and authority for Kingdom transformation of the Earth … “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Bralynn Newby

helps visionary influencers package their brilliance to create a lifestyle business that transforms lives.  

As a content strategist known as “The Message Architect”, she: 

  1. DESIGNS your “Platform of Influence” blueprint
  2. BUILDS  sales funnels to Monetize Your Message
  3. ACTIVATES the right Systems and Structure for high impact results.

In a strange twist of fate that brought her face to face with what her true message was, she went from loving her career in architecture and construction to the deep fulfillment of designing wisdom-based business strategies and building thought leaders. Her clients include international speakers who have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox.

She is an author, speaker, co-host of Kingdom Talks, Spirit-Centered Business podcast host, and pretty much just loves a microphone!  She also writes for Megamorphosis Magazine and has her own column, Warrior Cry.

FUN FACTS: She won the “Woman Making History” award from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, climbed a mountain in Norway at age 17, and was in a TV movie with Ned Beatty.

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