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Ugandan Ultimate Impact Mission Trip

Mission to Uganda

Help Gil and Adena spread the Ultimate Impact message around the world! 

A message from Gil Hodges

I have super exciting news to share with you! Father has been revealing to Adena and me an amazing new part of the destiny scroll of Kingdom Equipping Center & Kingdom Talks Media. He’s been speaking to us about beginning to mentor pastors, teachers, and leaders in the Ultimate Impact course and principles, so they can then teach and disciple their people. Many of these pastors and teachers are in foreign countries! 


It does make sense, though, because there are millions of believers all over the world who are hungry and ready for this message, but they will never hear it from KTM ― simply because they would never find KTM online or they aren’t proficient enough in English. But they do know and listen to their own pastors and teachers! 


So if we can teach and disciple these teachers, they can then reach the multitudes of eager and thirsty souls in their countries. 


This way the vital message of sonship, oneness, Father’s complete acceptance and love, ultimate reconciliation, the Kingdom Age, and the restoration of all things, can truly reach all nations and help bring many more sons and daughters into glory—the glory of their true and full identity! 


And I’m excited to tell you that Father has now connected us with the first of these teachers! Our dear brother, Pastor Isaac Tendo in Uganda, has already gone through the complete Ultimate Impact course and is excited to begin teaching it in his country. But the really great thing is that he also has the vision of spreading the good news as widely as possible. He not only wants to teach it to his church and his students—he wants to share it with all the other pastors and teachers he knows, so they can also begin to teach it to their people! Hallelujah! 


But to inaugurate this new Kingdom calling in the best and most effective way, Pastor Isaac has asked me to come to Uganda personally, so that we can personally meet and share with and teach these other pastors and teachers. 


We could of course teach the information over Zoom, or have these teachers go through the Ultimate Impact course online. And we will also do that. But as we all know, and as we see in Jesus’s ministry, personal contact — sharing meals and extended conversations together, looking into each other’s eyes, shaking hands on an agreement, hugging and laying hands on each other while we pray for and bless each other — is simply not possible over the internet. You have to be there in person. It’s also what the Kingdom is really all about: family. And it is so crucial for Jesus’s kind of ministry. My time with Pastor Isaac will also be to assess the needs and what we will need to bring to them to set them up so they can be the leaders in their area to get this message started. 


I’m sharing this exciting news with you so that you can also be part of this. Would you please consider joining with us to make this amazing opportunity a reality? We need the prayers and financial support of our fellow members in the Body to step up and help those who are in greater need than us. 

Financial Needs

We can do the bare-bones trip for around $3500. Most of this is airfare. 

But to do the teaching effectively, we need another $1000 for a projector and a new laptop for the church. This will be for our teaching and so Pastor Isaac can continue community outreach with the Ultimate Impact course. 


They also need $5500 for a school building/church addition which they have already begun in faith! They are building because they have to and believing the funds will come as needed because the raining season is already upon them and they need this to keep the children out of the rain. We have already sent them $1000 at the time of this letter. 


They also could really use new phones and a projector screen. These would be nice to have. 



Would you please ask Father if He would have you be a part of this wonderful mission that He has given us? 


Sincerely, Thank you for whatever part you can do to make this happen for Uganda! 


TogetherWe can make a difference. 

Gil Hodges 

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