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Join us on a mission to expand, encounter,
and activate your true self as you engage
the heavenly realms with us!

3 Ways To Support KTM


Father has shown us the INCREDIBLE potential impact Kingdom Talks has to change the world ― literally, and for the better. Tens of millions of people are just waiting to hear the life-giving messages of the restoration of all things, their true identity, and the Kingdom Age. We’ve even been asked to bring these revolutionary, kingdom concepts to Uganda and Kenya, and to train other teachers there. We so humbly know that in order to fulfill our mandate, we need your help.

Would you please ask Father if and how he wants you to help?

Why Kingdom Talks Media?


Welcome to Kingdom Talks Media, a ministry of Kingdom Equipping Center! On this site you will find a variety of leaders and teachers from around the world who are setting people free to experience heaven in a real way. Enjoy the journey of transforming lives, setting people free, and bringing unity and love wherever you go by being the Ekklesia. That is what YOU will experience on the journey with us!

There are many ways we do this. Take a moment to engage in the unique expressions you can be a part of – from informative talk shows, to online courses, Sunday morning gatherings, to retreats, conferences and much more!    

3 Plumb Lines


Everything we do is built around the 3 plumb lines – not doctrines that divide. If this is new to you, take a moment to listen to this short teaching about what each of these mean. Our 3 Plumb Lines and the teaching on the Tree of Life are our guide for viewers. We may or may not agree with all the content on the shows. We would ask that if you have not reviewed these two shows that you do so now. It is the heart and value system of this website.

Jesus Is The Only Way: Yeshua is the only way to eternal life and the Father.
Love, Honor, and Respect: “Love, Honor, and Respect” all people and their heartfelt thoughts of creation, especially those who align with Plumb Line #1.
Ask The Father: Teaching a habit of “Asking Father” about and for all things.

Kingdom Talks Shows


Enjoy the variety of guests on Kingdom Talks Media from around the world! Be encouraged in your faith, challenged in your beliefs and grow as you experience the unique, multi-dimensional aspects of our life in God from many different angles.

The views of our guests do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Kingdom Talks Media or team. We encourage you to ask the Father and to use discernment.

Online Courses


Want more? Enjoy going deep with many of the above speakers through our conference recordings and online courses. We especially encourage you to try out our online foundational course, Ultimate Impact which can be done individually or as a group where you can grow together and experience powerful heavenly encounters together!

Online Church


Tired of the status quo? Take a look at an interactive new way to “do” church! Every Sunday morning at 10:30am Mountain time – join via Zoom for greater interaction or Ekklesia Arising Facebook or Kingdom Talks Media YouTube page. Join us in life-changing heavenly encounters, engaging conversations and interactive teachings.





Each year we host a number of events meant to expand your understanding and relationship with God. Join us for a conference in person or online. Or try one of our Immersion retreats where we spend 3-4 days together in small, intimate gatherings where you can go deep in relationship and growth, ask your questions and encounter heaven together.  

Speaking Engagements


Would you like to host a conference, workshop or retreat? We love to travel around the country and to share what Father has put on our hearts. Please contact us to ask about scheduling Gil & Adena to come speak. We can come to you!

    Kingdom Talks Media is a ministry of Kingdom Equipping Center. Here you'll find a variety of leaders and teachers from around the world who are setting people free to see in the Spirit and experience heaven in a real way.

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