Preparing for the Next Age

  • Beyond New Age…
    the Next Age is here.

    Awaken. Train. Activate.

  • Taking Back
    What the Enemy Stole

    Reclaiming Territory. Walking in Power.

  • A Higher Perspective

    A shift in consciousness

We Believe
Non-Negotiable Plumb Lines

Learn about our core beliefs, and take the pledge to stand with us in unity as we navigate into the Next Age with God.

Next Age Movement

Something really cool about the transition of the ages here.

Unity & Love

Commitment to unity during transition…calling bride to step up and shed petty differences of opinion.

Kingdom Talk Shows
Jerry Bryant

Jerry was born into a home of traveling Methodist evangelists. During the seventies, he was involved in the Jesus People… See More

Daniel Lovett

Husband and father. Host of Sozo Talk Radio. Exploring the depths and mysteries of Christ one interview at a time… See More

Nancy Coen: Limitless

Nancy Coen is an anointed woman of God, who has served the Lord in over 90 nations of the world.… See More

Our Hosts
Gil Hodges

Gil Hodges is the president and founder of Kingdom Talks Media and host of the Kingdom Talks broadcast, leader of the Kingdom Equipping Center, and helps high performance professionals breakthrough barriers and receive Divine wisdom.  He is a Speaker, Spiritual Coach, and Co-Creator of the Ultimate Impact Series™.

Bralynn Newby

Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, helps coaches, speakers and influencers package their brilliance to transform more lives, make more money, and make a bigger difference in the world.  She is an Author, Speaker, Co-host of Kingdom Talks, Creator of Planning to Profit™, columnist for Megamorphosis Magazine, and host of the Spirit-Centered Business podcast.